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Thong Shoe Guide


Be Comfortable with Havaianas


These days, it is definitely getting hotter.  You would want to wear lights clothes that will make you feel more comfortable despite the heat and would allow you to move more freely. You'd wear shorts and shirts and for your feet, not shoes that can be cumbersome in hot weather, but Havaianas.


Yes, Havaianas.  It is a Brazilian version of the flip-flop sandals. It was introduced in 1962 by a Scottish designer who got the inspiration from Japanese z?ri sandals.  It is very popular footwear among a great number of people because of its affordability. 


If you are at home and somewhere else not requiring formal wear, Havaianas are the right footwear for you. With just strings and soft, flexible rubber soles, it is very easy to slip into them. Unlike shoes which enclose your feet, Women's Havaianas leave most of your feet uncovered. Your feet remain cool even when you engage in physically demanding activities and you'd have no problems with sweat.


The first Havaianas were really made just to provide people with cheap comfortable footwear. Not much by way of designs and the materials were just what you'd expect from products that were for made solely to serve a basic purpose.


 Nowadays, footwear designers are not just concerned with functionality of flip flops and Cheap Havaianas are at the forefront of the effort. Havaianas used to be generic, meaning they are all designed for both sexes. If women liked to wear one, they only need to choose the size and color. The same was true with men. Not anymore. Presently designers and manufacturers are making Havaianas strictly for men or women.  More designs and colors are available.


With the comfort and affordability that Havaianas bring, users in many countries are increasing at a very rapid pace and it should not surprise you at all to see people in Australia wearing them in the streets, in malls, beaches, etc... 


If you are in Australia and love to own a pair or two, there are online stores selling WomensHavaianas and Men's Havaianas.  You will definitely love to buy Black Havianas for yourself or for friends.  Online stores have Havaianas size chart so you will not commit a mistake in choosing.


Havaianas are no longer just to protect your feet. They are now designed to make you more comfortable and even look elegant and fashionable. In this heat, it is the best flip flop you can buy.